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This book is 31 easy to read short stories, but not just stories, they are inspirational, devotional and practical with a touch of counseling and perhaps a mixture of therapy. They are also motivational, designed to encourage you, the reader, to look at life from another vantage point.

In Steven Covey's book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he states, “If you want small changes work on your behavior, if you want quantum-leap changes work on your paradigms.” He described a paradigm as the way we see, understand and interpret the world around us, in other words, our perception. See, Do and Get. What we see - our perceptions, what we do - our behaviors, and what we get - our results. He goes on to say, “If we are going to change our behavior and result we might first need a 'paradigm shift' to change what we see. People have said we can’t change our past and perhaps we can’t, however it is possible to change the way we look at our past, which may change the way we live in our present and that could have a profound effect on our future.

These stories are written to help you look at life from another vantage point. As stated in the Foreword, my desire to help you take the next easiest step in becoming all you are intended to become. I recommend you read these stories as devotionals. Meditate on each one and complete the assignment. After you read them all, then perhaps complete the process for the second time or even a third time, then note your progress. You may be in for a surprise that you are now looking at life from a new perspective, perhaps you have had a“paradigm shift.” NOW go live your life to the fullest, and as stated in one of the stories, “Your Now is the Bridge to your Future.”

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